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How to Eat Healthy While You’re on the Go


Are you one of those people whose regular meals consist of pizza, burgers, or chips? The adverse effects of a high fat diet, like expanding waste line and receding intelligence to name two, should be enough reasons for you to consider another menu.

A poll of 9,000 respondents from 13 nations showed that UK is the country most attached to fast food. This is a sad reflection of UK’s eating habits and goes on to explain why the number of overweight and obese people in the country is rapidly rising.

With our fast paced lifestyle, where everyone seems to be in a hurry, it is so much more convenient to reach out for fast food. A lot of people may have the desire for a healthier diet, but their busy schedule just doesn’t leave any room for it. Nonetheless, these five steps may just make eating healthy possible:

  1. Plan your meals ahead. Before another work week begins, allot some time for menu planning. With healthy foods in mind, make a list of what you plan to eat for the week. It would be a good idea to cook food in batches and freeze them in serving size containers. You can easily reheat one in the microwave to bring to work the next day. Leaving home without any food makes you vulnerable to burger joints and sugar laden snacks from the vending machine.

  2. Take some prepackaged food with you. Throwing in some carrots, almonds, or pieces of cut up apples can go a long way. Having healthy food when hunger pangs set in can save you from resorting to high calorie foods whenever healthy choices are not available. Doing this is not only beneficial to your health; it is friendly to your budget as well.

  3. Stock up on your supplies. Be sure that you have everything you need for the meals you planned. Likewise buy ample supply of healthy snacks such as nuts, soup packages, and low fat crackers enough to last you for a week or more. Have some of these snacks handy in your office drawer so every time you need something to eat, you don’t have to look elsewhere.

  4. If fast food is inevitable, order smartly. Have the healthiest choices in the menu, such as side salads, fruit cups, and parfait. Always pick grilled chicken sandwiches over the burgers, and have the willpower to skip the mayonnaise and chips.

  5. Maintain self discipline. Have a strong determination to keep on with the healthier lifestyle you have chosen. When you undergo a strong craving for fast food, think about its consequences to your body. However, during those rare times when you slip-up and allow yourself some chips, don’t feel discouraged and go back to that destructive diet once again. Instead, make amends and make the next meal extra healthy. Always make sure that you compensate a fast food meal by strictly consuming only low calorie food for the rest of the day.

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